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    Welcome to the Blazor Boilerplate app / starter template.

    Blazor Boilerplate is now a fairly mature repository thanks to time and contributors. Our goal is to be an enterprise level solution, to jump start your new web project with Blazor. It's based on Blazor & Razor components for both Client-Side [WebAssembly] (CSB) or Server-Side (SSB) with the .Net Core Framework 3.1+. Expect a lot of changes in the future as Blazor is growing and changing rapidly. View the live server-side API

    This project can now run Client Side / Webassembly Blazor OR Server Side Blazor. Just select which way you want to debug / release with Visual Studio. The ASP.NET Core app serves the Blazor app to clients. The WebAssembly / client-side Blazor app can interact with the server over the network using web API calls or SignalR. I / Enkode is more interested in this hosted model the most to keep the load on the server low. The server-side hosted model is primarily for debugging the the UI.

    The repo is moving along... it takes time to build as I am often contributing to MatBlazor as well to obtain UI changes that are needed for the theme. With more support each project can grow faster. Please contribute, or at minimum star the repositories on Github

    - Help support this repo / code and hosting costs. Other devs are charging $30-$1500 to download their code with similar functionality.

    - Contribute to this repo to help it grow!

    Authorization / Identity

    Take notice of the disabled menu items. If you Login [Username: user | Password: user123] or [Username: admin | Password: admin123] you can view those pages. As Blazor grows the security features in this starter template will as well.

    Blazor Boilerplate Highlights:

    • Client Side Blazor / Server Side Blazor options for debug / release - Thanks Mark Stega
    • Identity Server 4 - Thanks ganmuru
    • User, role, permission and organization unit management UI
    • Responsive Admin Theme - [Blazor Sidebar Navigation Menu]
    • Loading Screen
    • Swagger Ui API visualizer
    • Material Design / MatBlazor Components
    • Basic Account Creation, Login, Forgot Password
    • MailKit SMTP Email
    • Response Middleware for Consistent API Responses and Error Handling with Toasts
    • Audit Log to track all API calls, great for debugging and audit user history - Audit Log screen in progress.
    • Real time chat and notification system - Thanks ajgoldenwings
    • Docker configuration
    • Azure Hosting Setup / Wiki

    Blazor Boilerplate Roadmap:

    Looking for contributors in the following areas:

    • Separate Data Layer for Entity Framework or Dapper. (I so far do not like EF)
    • Review Application Architecture / Patterns
    • Client-side & Server side Caching / Performance improvements
    • Tests

    This project was initially derived from https://github.com/stavroskasidis/BlazorWithIdentity and utilizes MatBlazor extensively.

    MatBlazor / Material Design Components Utilized

    • AppBar
    • Blazor Alert Message
    • Button
    • Card
    • Checkbox
    • Dialog
    • Drawer
    • Expansion Panel
    • Icon
    • Icon Button
    • List
    • Nav Bar
    • MatFab
    • SnackBar
    • Table
    • TextField
    • Toast
    • Tooltip

    Disclaimer / About the Author

    I (Enkodellc) started this repository as I was frustrated with the examples out there that people were charging money for and were in my opinion incomplete or closed source. I paid for 4-5 of these solutions and none of them were what I was looking for. This is my attempt to create something that developers can start a Blazor project with several great features to build from. I have a lot of experience with ASP.Net webforms, I am new to .NET Core and Blazor. This code is not meant to be perfect or follow every Best Practice. It though is my ambition to learn and get feedback on what Best Practices can be implemented. I have taken small solutions from other repositories and will do my best to recognize those contributions. I am very open to ideas and suggestions. I am not a great developer, but I try. So please take this into consideration when using this repository.

    I am building this because I have a project that will be using this as a framework so my features are what I foresee that project needing. It is re-write of a legacy .Net WebForms project. Please take the time to Star, Contribute or Donate to support my efforts to continue to drive the project, especially if you use it in production.

    If you like BlazorBoilerplate, please put a star on GitHub.
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